Friday, December 23, 2016

First Line Fridays

Happy almost Christmas!!!  Just a couple more days, and we get to celebrate a wonderful day with family and friends.  A day that changed the world so many centuries ago.  What if Jesus had never been born as a baby?  What if there were no story of Mary, Joseph, or the shepherds?  Can you even imagine?  It is a frightening thought.  But I am so glad that the Lord showed His mercy in the form of a tiny baby.  Jesus truly is the reason for the season.  Without Him, there would be no point in celebrating Christmas. 

So this year, remember to share the joy of the season with those around you, because that same joy was so beautifully given to us on Christmas morn.  And it is such a honor to know that the Lord bestows such love on His children, and that this same love can be received by anyone.  I pray each of you have a Happy Christmas with your loved ones this year.  See you in the new year!

This week's first line is from a novella collection.  I simply love novella collections!  They are a great way to be introduced to new authors, which for me means that I get to buy more books from those authors.  :)  This first line is from the first story in the text--The Substitute Bride by Angela Bell.  Please be sure to check out the book lines from these other amazing bloggers too:

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​Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line!

Today I am going to post a line from:
The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection 
by Mary Connealy, Angela Bell, Angela Breidenbach, Rebecca Jepson, 
Amy Lillard, Gina Welborn, Kathleen Y'Barbo, Rose Ross Zediker, Lisa Cox Carter 

And the first line is...
London, England 
On a Sunday in June of 1865
"Gwen's husband suffered quite the shock upon lifting her Brussels lace veil at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony."   

Happy reading and Happy Christmas!  



  1. I have that book on my shelf!!! I also have a different Barbour collection sitting with me right now. My first line is from the Seven Brides for Seven Texans prologue by Erica Vetsch:

    New Year's Day 1874
    7 Heart Ranch, Hartville, Texas
    "Quiet down, now." George Washington Hart put his hands flat on the dining room table and levered himself upright. "I have something to say."

    1. I have three books that are Christmas novella collections that I still need to read. Christmas in January? :)

    2. I read Christmas stories throughout the year, it's too easy to get burned out if I cram them all into November and December ;)

  2. “No way. Not now. Not ever.” Sam Conrad tossed the manila folder onto his father’s massive mahogany desk.
    -Blown Together by Janet W. Ferguson

    1. What an interesting line! I need to pick up some of her books.

  3. I have this book in my TBR!


    My first line comes from The Still of Night (A Rush of Wings Book 2) by Kristen Heitzmann


    Her legs still shook under the sheet, the smooth skin mottled and stained.

    1. Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! :) Have a great weekend with your family and friends!

      I'm not familiar with this author, but I will definitely check one of her books out. It's always great to learn about new authors. :)

  4. Happy Christmas Eve Eve! (One of my fave lines from 'FRIENDS' ever!)

    My First Line this week is from 'Our Revolution' by Bernie Sanders:

    "When we began our race for the presidency in April 2015, we were considered by the political establishment and the media to be a "fringe" campaign, something not to be taken seriously."

    Happy Reading!

    1. Happy Christmas Eve Eve to you too! Brilliant greeting! :) Have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends!

  5. Chelsea Jamison snuck in the back door of Kenworth’s Department Store.
    ~Christmas Makeover by Cami Checketts (Christmas Kisses Anthology)

    1. Happy Christmas Eve! I love reading Christmas stories! :)

  6. Merry Christmas Eve - Eve!!! My first line today is from Dreamspell by Tamara Leigh - "Even I would have killed for thee." I just downloaded it to my Kindle!