Saturday, July 16, 2022

Where You Are and How to Get There - Spotlight Book Tour

Where You Are & How to Get There
by Nolan Ryan Recker

Release date: August 4, 2022

Have you ever had the thought or asked yourself the question, “How did I get here?”

You know, the kind of question examining the indirect decisions and circumstances that led you to the point life that you even need to ask such a question.

One of the oldest questions ever recorded in human history speaks to this very question we ask ourselves in moments of doubt. What if that ancient question was a question we ought to ask ourselves on a regular basis?

Journey with me as we wrestle with a question that if meant for us, today, would change everything about we view the life we choose to live.

When we ask the question how,” most of the time we arent asking for an explanation. 

Oftentimes, we are really asking Why?” Though this question is more about wanting to know or understand something, maybe seeking some sort of explanation, as if we need someone or something to blame. 

This almost happens so often to a point where we think knowing the reason for something will make it better or easier to understand and accept. 

Why did that person drink, drive, and killed my daughter? 

Why didnt God save my marriage? 

Why did the bank lend me that money? 

Why didnt the President pass a better tax bill like they promised? 

These questions seem right whenever we ask them. 

How often does satisfaction come from the answers to these questions? 

If something didnt work out the way we wanted it to, asking why” is part of the process, but we often get distracted by the pain or disappointment. 

We cope. 

We deny the pain and move on with our lives. 

Eventually, we find ourselves asking the same questions over and over, as though we are only taking right turns in a corn maze. 

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Nolan’s toughest and rewarding opportunities are being a husband and a father. As a husband and a father, Nolan wants his family members to discover and live a flourishing life. Nolan’s life experience has covered the spectrum from being a camp counselor to a school teacher to a custodian to a Lead Pastor of a church. This, is why he writes. If he wrestles with the ideas he writes about, maybe others wrestle with the same things, and if they do, would they benefit from a different perspective? He’s honored to listen to anyone who graces him with their time to tell their story; especially if it involves coffee or pizza.