Friday, August 31, 2018

First Line Fridays

I saw several of these novellas on Amazon, and each one looked so interesting.  Melissa Jagears is a great author, so I am sure this story will be wonderful; however, I wish I could purchase them in book format.  It looks like each one is only a Kindle version, and while I do love my Kindle, nothing will ever take the place of a real book in my hands.  :) 

Happy almost September everyone!  Where did August go?  I truly believe I blinked, and it was gone.  What fun adventures did you go on in August?  I think the highlight of the month for me was seeing the Christopher Robin movie.  :)  If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend going to see it!  Happy reading everybody! 

Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line!

Today I am going to post a line from: 

  Tied and True: A Teaville Moral Society
by Melissa Jagears

And the first line is...

Kansas City, Missouri 
September 1908

"The pounding of hammers above them ceased.  Marianne Lister put down her tea and smiled at the window whose roof was being reshingled by men from their church.  'Seems you'll have peace and quiet now.'" 

Happy reading and happy Friday!   

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Promise of Tomorrow - Spotlight Book Tour

The Promise of Tomorrow 

by AnneMarie Brear

Publication Date: September 1, 2018
Genre: Historical Fiction

Perfect for the fans of Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin. Charlotte Brookes flees her lecherous guardian, McBride, taking her younger sister with her. After a year on the road, they stumble into a Yorkshire village where the Wheelers, owners of the village shop, take them in. This new life is strange for Charlotte, but preferable to living with McBride or surviving on the roads. Harry Belmont is an important man in the village, but he’s missing something in his life. His budding friendship with Charlotte gives him hope she will feel more for him one day, and he will marry the woman he yearns for.

When McBride discovers where Charlotte lives, his threats begin. Harry fights to keep Charlotte safe, but World War I erupts and Harry enlists. Left to face a world of new responsibilities, and Harry’s difficult sister, Charlotte must run the gauntlet of family disputes, McBride's constant harassment, and the possibility of the man she loves being killed. Can Charlotte find the happiness that always seems under threat, and will Harry return home to her?

Available on Amazon

AnneMarie has been a life-long reader and started writing in 1997 when her children were small. She has a love of history, of grand old English houses and a fascination of what might have happened beyond their walls. Her interests include reading, genealogy, watching movies, spending time with family and eating chocolate – not always in that order! AnneMarie grew up in Australia but now lives in the UK. 

For more information please visit AnneMarie Brear's website. You can also connect with her on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Goodreads.

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Murder at the Flamingo - My Review

Mysteries are my favorite genre to read, and this book by Rachel McMillan was the perfect story to fit into that category.  The characters in Murder at the Flamingo reminded me of The Great Gatsby, not only because of the era, but because of the suspense that surrounded each individual and scene.  You never knew what was going to happen next—it was a complete surprise every time I turned the page. 

Hamish DeLuce feels like he has been playing it safe for too long.  Under the rooftop of his parents, he desires to make a change in his life.  He wants adventure, and he wants to strike out on his own—without the help of his father.  Yet can he handle what lies ahead?  He believes he will find what he needs in the big city, and so he decides to seek out his cousin, Luca Valeri.  However, he could never have imaged what trials would await him after this family reunion. 

Reggie Van Buren has been raised with a silver spoon.  Society awaits her every decision and action, and of course, her parents have planned out her life.  Even her husband has already been picked out for her.  However, Reggie wants nothing to do with this kind of life.  She wants to be independent and learn to do things on her own.  Will she be up to the task though?  After years of people doing things for her, will she be able to do those very same things for herself?  Especially, when she is in the middle of a murder investigation. 

If you love intrigue and suspense within the pages of a story, then you will love this book.  This was a definite page-turner for me, because it was so easy to become absorbed in the story, which always makes for a great tale.  Next time you are at the bookstore, I recommend checking out this book.  Happy reading! 

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to TLC Book Tours for my copy.

Hamish DeLuca has spent most of his life trying to hide the anxiety that appears at the most inopportune times -- including during his first real court case as a new lawyer. Determined to rise above his father’s expectations, Hamish runs away to Boston where his cousin, Luca Valari, is opening a fashionable nightclub in Scollay Square. When he meets his cousin's “right hand man” Reggie, Hamish wonders if his dreams for a more normal life might be at hand.

Regina “Reggie” Van Buren, heir to a New Haven fortune, has fled fine china, small talk, and the man her parents expect her to marry. Determined to make a life as the self-sufficient city girl she’s seen in her favorite Jean Arthur and Katharine Hepburn pictures, Reggie runs away to Boston, where she finds an easy secretarial job with the suave Luca Valari. But as she and Hamish work together in Luca’s glittering world, they discover a darker side to the smashing Flamingo night club.

When a corpse is discovered at the Flamingo, Reggie and Hamish quickly learn there is a vast chasm between the haves and the have-nots in 1937 Boston—and that there’s an underworld that feeds on them both. As Hamish is forced to choose between his conscience and loyalty to his beloved cousin, the unlikely sleuthing duo work to expose a murder before the darkness destroys everything they’ve worked to build.

Rachel McMillan is a keen history enthusiast and a lifelong bibliophile. When not writing or reading, she can most often be found drinking tea and watching British miniseries. Rachel lives in bustling Toronto, where she pursues her passion for art, literature, music, and theater.

Chosen for Such a Time As This - Spotlight Book Tour

No matter what your background is, what type of experiences you’ve had, or what mistakes you’ve made, your life is of significance. And regardless of what you may have grown to believe, God created you with a specific purpose in mind. Chosen For Such a Time as This was written to encourage and inspire single women, however, it addresses the issues that many women face today, no matter what their marital status is. This book places great emphasis on the truth that the most valuable relationship you can have is with our Creator. Through that relationship, we are made whole. This life is a journey that comes with blessings, frustrations, laughter and tears. Whether you are married or single, wholeness and contentment in Christ is essential. Despite the season you find yourself in, God has a plan for your life. And He can use you right where you are.

Check out Jheralynne's blog!  Purchase Chosen on Amazon!  

Jheralynne is a 23-year-old from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She is a recent graduate from the University of Alabama where she studied Early Childhood Education and English. Jheralynne serves at her church and is also a small group leader. She has been a Christian since a very young age, but it wasn't until she got older that she realized her worth in Jesus Christ and truly began to know Him on a much deeper level.

Encouragement for the Christian Single

I believe marriage is a godly desire. After all, it is God’s idea. Marriage is truly a blessing, and I believe sometimes we forget that singleness is a blessing as well. During a season of discontentment, I had to ask myself, If God never gave me a husband, would I still love Him? If God never gives me a husband, is He still good? My answer is yes! God’s love is the highest form of love and I could never abandon Him for any reason. I submitted my desires to Him and experienced a shift in perspective.

How do you currently view your season of singleness? Do you embrace it? Are you completely over it? Whether you are enjoying singleness or totally rejecting it, my prayer is that you’ll understand every season of your life is purposeful. Meaning, there’s a reason for the path God has chosen for you to walk. God could be using this time to develop your character and prepare you for what you are praying for. Impatience and bitterness are not the keys to your desires.

According to Psalm 84:11, if you are truly living for God, there is no good thing He will withhold from you. A healthy perspective allows you to trust in God’s character and His promises. The fulfillment of your desires will not satisfy you. You could have everything you ever wanted and still feel empty because only God Himself can fully sustain you.

I want to encourage you to be hopeful about the future, but to not lose sight of the beauty in today. The people in your life right now will not always be around. Cherish the moments you have with your loved ones. The opportunities you have today won’t always be available. Take advantage of this time to pursue your interests as well as the purpose God has called you to. Singleness doesn’t mean waiting for life to begin. Make the most of where you are right now! Travel, take a community class, explore a new hobby, join a co-ed small group, etc. Have fun!

Lastly, how can you serve others during this season? Where can you volunteer? Is there a need in your church or community that needs to be filled? Use this time to serve others and to develop your character.

Remember that as you are truly living for God, there is no good thing He will withhold from you. He will give you the desires of your heart when you delight in Him. And just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. If you are discontent in this season, I encourage you to shift your focus. Be expectant, have fun, and trust God! Most importantly, build your relationship with Him and make sure He is always first in your life and in your heart.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4 ESV

If you would like to win a copy of Chosen, please enter the giveaway below!  

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First Line Fridays

I hope everyone is having a lovely August.  I confess, the end of August is typically sad for me, because I do not want summer to end--it is my favorite season.  I love the bright colors, the flip-flops, and the days that last longer.  However, Christmas is the highlight for the winter.  :)  What about you?  Do you prefer summer, or does another season bring back fond memories?  As always, happy reading, which of course you can do in any season!

Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line!

Today I am going to post a line from: 

  The Square Root of Murder
by Ada Madison

And the first line is...

"Who thought summer school was a good idea?" 

Happy reading and happy Friday!   

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Friday, August 17, 2018

First Line Fridays

I decided I would highlight one of my very favorite books this week--The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  I had the honor of studying abroad in Oxford, England when I was in college, and we studied the life and works of C.S. Lewis--including his Narnia series.  Being able to walk where Lewis walked, see where he wrote his books, visit his home, and also see where he went to school and taught, was such a tremendous blessing.  It was a wonderful experience, and one that I hold close to my heart.

What are some of your favorite books by C.S. Lewis?  Please let me know in the comments below.  As always, happy reading! 

Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line!

Today I am going to post a line from: 

  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
by C.S. Lewis 

And the first line is...

"Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy."  

Happy reading and happy Friday!   

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tiffany Blues - Spotlight Book Tour

Tiffany Blues by M.J. Rose

Publication Date: August 7, 2018
Atria Books
Hardcover & eBook; 336 Pages
ISBN: 978-1501173592
Genre: Historical Fiction

New York, 1924. Twenty‑four‑year‑old Jenny Bell is one of a dozen burgeoning artists invited to Louis Comfort Tiffany’s prestigious artists’ colony. Gifted and determined, Jenny vows to avoid distractions and romantic entanglements and take full advantage of the many wonders to be found at Laurelton Hall. But Jenny’s past has followed her to Long Island. Images of her beloved mother, her hard-hearted stepfather, waterfalls, and murder, and the dank hallways of Canada’s notorious Andrew Mercer Reformatory for Women overwhelm Jenny’s thoughts, even as she is inextricably drawn to Oliver, Tiffany’s charismatic grandson. As the summer shimmers on, and the competition between the artists grows fierce as they vie for a spot at Tiffany’s New York gallery, a series of suspicious and disturbing occurrences suggest someone knows enough about Jenny’s childhood trauma to expose her. Supported by her closest friend Minx Deering, a seemingly carefree socialite yet dedicated sculptor, and Oliver, Jenny pushes her demons aside. Between stolen kisses and stolen jewels, the champagne flows and the jazz plays on until one moonless night when Jenny’s past and present are thrown together in a desperate moment, that will threaten her promising future, her love, her friendships, and her very life.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books-a-Million | IndieBound

Praise for Tiffany Blues

“A lush, romantic historical mystery with a unique setting. Tiffany Blues explores an interesting lost bit of American history and gives us a heroine to root for." Kristin Hannah, New York Times bestselling author of The Nightingale
“A fascinating novel about a young, struggling artist mentored by the celebrated jeweler and stained-glass creator Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tiffany Blues brings together an enchanting glimpse of Jazz Age New York and an inspired fictional story about Jenny Bell and the terrible secret she's hiding.” Christina Baker Kline, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Orphan Train and A Piece of the World
"The New York Times bestselling author of The Library of Light and Shadow crafts a dazzling Jazz Age jewel—a novel of ambition, betrayal, and passion about a young painter whose traumatic past threatens to derail her career at a prestigious summer artists’ colony run by Louis Comfort Tiffany of Tiffany & Co. fame. “[M.J. Rose] transports the reader into the past better than a time machine could accomplish” —The Associated Press
"M.J. Rose must have plunged her pen into a vale of tears, radiance, and crime to write this novel. Tiffany Blues melds a tragic mother-daughter relationship, the shimmer of Tiffany’s creations, the jolting life of artists and their shocking jealousy, in a captivating story that illuminates how far we'll go for love. MJ Rose broke this reader’s heart and then, as though using the ancient art of Kintsugi, healed me by sealing the future with golden veins of hope." —Randy Susan Meyers, International Bestselling Author
"Intriguing... [Rose's] best creation yet." —Publishers Weekly
"Intricate plotting, sensuous descriptions... captivating. A lush, mesmerizing story." —Kirkus
"Rose keeps readers spellbound... with a touch of Gatsby-esque flavor and opulence and a research-rich mix of facts and fiction." —Library Journal - Starred review
"Rose's talent for delivering believable characters and plot shines in her latest novel...Readers are in for a treat and the jaw-dropping climax well have them enthralled." —RT Book Reviews
"A stunning look at the Jazz Age, told in M.J. Rose's inimitable style." —PopSugar 25 Best Summer Books

New York Times Bestseller, M.J. Rose grew up in New York City mostly in the labyrinthine galleries of the Metropolitan Museum, the dark tunnels and lush gardens of Central Park and reading her mother's favorite books before she was allowed. She believes mystery and magic are all around us but we are too often too busy to notice... books that exaggerate mystery and magic draw attention to it and remind us to look for it and revel in it. Rose's work has appeared in many magazines including Oprah Magazine and she has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, WSJ, Time, USA Today and on the Today Show, and NPR radio. Rose graduated from Syracuse University, spent the '80s in advertising, has a commercial in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and since 2005 has run the first marketing company for authors - Her most recent novel THE LIBRARY OF LIGHT AND SHADOW (Atria/S&S) was chosen as an Indie Next Pick. The television series PAST LIFE, was based on Rose's novels in the Reincarnationist series. She is one of the founding board members of International Thriller Writers. Rose lives in CT with her husband the musician and composer, Doug Scofield.

For more information, please visit her website and her blog, Museum of Mysteries. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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Tiffany Blues

Monday, August 13, 2018

Dangerous to Know - My Review

As most know by now, I love reading books that are set in England.  Therefore, this book was a delight to read.  I enjoyed the overall theme of the text, but the mystery and intrigue, which accompanied several of the characters, kept me wondering till the very end of the story.  This was truly a book I could not put down. 

Isabella Bankmill struggles with the feelings of her heart.  After meeting Lord Bromby at a ball, she does not seem to understand the way she feels in his presence.  Could she be falling for him?  There are so many stores surrounding his character—some of great scandal--which makes her question her own judgment.  However, she cannot lie to herself.  Lord Bromby is quite charming, and she wishes to help him regarding his religious misunderstandings.  David Beringer may be noble, but Lord Bromby appears to be stealing her heart. 

David Berigner admires Isabella.  Everything about her matches what he would look for in a future wife.  However, he believes she would not be interested in someone like him—for many, Lord Bromby is much more dashing and seems to be the type of man most ladies prefer.  So why would Isabella ever look his way?  As he continues to become more acquainted with Isabella, David feels friendship might be the only definition to their relationship. 

I enjoyed the construction of this book, because it was set up into parts, which created distinct scenes and moments concerning the lives of each character.  This type of break allows the reader to reflect and to better understand the passage of time within this time period, while also considering what each character might be feeling throughout various moments.  If you love stories containing a touch of romance, mystery, and danger, especially tales with an historical twist, then you will enjoy reading Lee’s book. 

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the author for my copy.

“Don’t look at him, dear. He’s dangerous.” 

Isabella Bankmill seeks a husband whose character matches her list of requirements. The man must share her faith, but he must also possess a certain je ne sais quoi. The enigmatical Lord Gregory Gordon Bromby—London’s newest literary sensation—certainly possesses the latter. Despite a deformed foot and alarming views on politics and religion, he attracts the ladies in droves.

Haunted by his past and overwhelmed by his newfound celebrity status, Lord Bromby’s obsession with his own doom leads to reckless behavior. When he is stalked by an obsessive aristocrat seeking an elopement, Bromby’s friends urge him to marry a suitable lady as soon as possible. Intrigued by Isabella’s convictions and hoping to avoid further scandal, Bromby proposes to Isabella.

Isabella also receives an offer of marriage from kind-hearted philanthropist, David Beringer—a man equally devoted to his faith—but she only has eyes for Lord Bromby. Blinded by his talent and good looks, Isabella convinces herself that he’s not as dangerous as everyone claims. But when Bromby’s world violently collides with hers, Isabella must decide once and for all who is lord of her life. God or Bromby?

Megan Whitson Lee is an anglophile and a recovering runaway. Over the years, she escaped to England and Australia before finally settling down in the US. These days, she lives a relatively quiet life as a wife, a mom of two greyhounds, an editor for Pelican Book Group, and a high school English teacher. She now escapes by writing novels instead of jumping on planes to foreign countries. Her novel,Captives, won the 2016 Director's Choice Award and was a finalist for a Selah Award in the women's contemporary fiction category at Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference.

Megan writes women's contemporary thrillers and historical fiction featuring characters standing at the crossroads of major life decisions.