Saturday, September 29, 2018

Stealing Mr. Smith - My Review

This is the first book by Tanya Williams I have read, and of course, I cannot wait to read the first book in this series.  This second book, Stealing Mr. Smith, was a bit different than I thought the storyline would be; however, the plot and characters made it a page turnover.  Throughout the highs and lows, each person attempted to deal with what was in front of them, in order to make the best of what life dealt them.  Good and bad decisions were made, and ultimately, this book showcases the journey of life--reminding the reader that each moment matters, and that there are consequences to everything we do. 

Bernice Rosin never imaged she would hold certain responsibilities as a child.  Too much is put on her at a young age, and she is required to handle what many adults would find difficult.  Her family is falling apart, and all she wants to do is to find the glue to put it back together.  She does not understand why certain people will not help her and her little sister.  Shouldn’t family always be there during the bad times?  Yet Bernice is determined to find her independence and her place in the world.  She cannot wait until she is full grown, so that she can make whatever decisions she wants to in life.  Sadly, she does not understand that growing up also contains its share of hurt and pain. 

Patty Rosin loves her family, and in many ways is quite naïve regarding their affections.  Thankfully though, she holds more joy than her sister Bernice, and she tries to enjoy the life in front of her.  When Bernice leaves her side, Patty must grow up in her own way—she must find the path laid out for her—even though it might be very different from what the rest of her family is doing.  Happily, Patty finds comfort in the arms of other kind individuals who help her during the difficult days.  If only Bernice could have understood the same. 

This book explores the realities of life; therefore, it does not cover up the issues that can occur when one follows the wrong advice or path.  I think that is due to the history Williams bases her stories on, which is so incredible to read about—check out the author’s notes at the back of the book.  These characters must endure great growth and hardship—even to the point of bringing others down with them.  What will be the end fate though?  Will the people around them fall in the same manner?  Or will they rise up during the challenges?  Be sure to check out this story—and the first in the series—and thankfully, there will be a third book coming soon!  Happy reading! 

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the author for my copy.

After surviving the loss of both her parents – one to illness and the other to abandonment – Bernice Rosin finds herself at a South Dakota orphanage that will never feel like home. Longing for a life free of poverty and misfortune, she takes matters into her own hands, determined to secure her own happily ever after no matter the cost. 

In 1948, a relocation west promises a life rich with upper class pleasantries until a naive mistake shatters both Bernice’s pride and her heart. Convinced she can still rise above her allotted station, she returns to South Dakota to calculate her options. 

Desperate for a hero all her own, she singles out John Smith, a simple man with a kind heart and a gentle smile. John appears to be the perfect escape from a life fraught with disappointment. The fact that he comes with the baggage of two children and a past he seldom speaks of, has little bearing on her new obsession. Caught unprepared for such cleverness and deception, John falls right into the path of Bernice’s affection as she has set her sights on changing her last name to Smith, even if she has to steal it. 

A writer from a young age, Tanya E Williams loves to help a reader get lost in another time, another place through the magic of books. History continues to inspire her stories and her insightfulness into the human condition deepens her character's experiences and propels them on their journey. Ms. Williams' favorite tales, speak to the reader's heart, making them smile, laugh, cry, and think.

The non-fiction title, Breathe, was Tanya Williams' first publication. Having been involved in the art of meditation for nearly two decades, she has come to understand and appreciate that it is often the simplest forms of meditation, such as focused breathing, that are the most effective.

Becoming Mrs. Smith is the first in a three book series, and is Ms. Williams' debut historical fiction title.

Tanya resides in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada with her photographer husband David and their son. She continues to explore the world around her, writing about her daily experiences on her blog which can be found at:


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