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Seeds of Hope - My Review

I love the cover of this book!  I know you cannot judge a book by its cover, but the beauty of the outside matches the inside story as well.  The word hope is the perfect word for this title, and its message is truly the theme running throughout the pages of this text.  Hope and grace are reflected in the daily decisions of the Amish that live in this town, because they are in tune to the needs of others. 

Miriam Troyer can be found helping her family, tending to her siblings, and even carrying a meal to a neighbor who is an elderly gentleman.  Of course, it does not hurt that she has a crush on his grandson.  Unfortunately, though, he is from the English world, and Miriam rarely sees him.  Yet she grew up getting to know him all the while becoming more and more attached to him.  Throughout their conversations as children, Mark Byler always held her interest.  She never tired of his company, because he was so different from the other Amish boys, and now his grandfather needs his help.  Miriam wonders what Mark will do, and she wishes she could listen in on the conversations between Mark and his grandfather—will Mark stay to help his family or will he leave and return to his life as an attorney? 

Mark Byler has a pretty pleasant life.  Money and winning cases make up his days as a lawyer in a prestigious firm.  Nothing seems to be going wrong until he receives a short letter from his grandfather.  There are not many details on the page inside the envelope but Mark worries he might be ill.  After Mark takes the time to drive to his grandfather’s home, he is welcomed with grand news, which completely derails his world.  How could he even consider what is being asked of him?  His own life back in the city calls to him, yet unforeseen events shatter what he had originally planned, and then an old friend comes back into his life.  Will he make a decision that will change his life forever, or will he follow the safe route? 

This is an excellent story, and I recommend checking it out.  I enjoyed the flow of the book and how the reader really gets to know each character.  By the end of the novel, they seem more like friends than fictional characters, because the author details their lives in such a purposeful, realistic manner.  If you have not read Amish fiction before, this book is a great place to start.  Happy reading! 

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to Litfuse for my copy. 

by Barbara Cameron 
Amish Fiction
Gilead Publishing
Harvest of Hope: Book 1
Miriam Troyer has had a secret crush on Mark Byler since she was a teenager, but she knows they can never have a relationship: Mark is a big-city attorney and an Englischer. Her Amish community is too far removed from all he knows---and she loves her quiet way of life.

Mark has always loved his visits to his grandfather's farm, but he's convinced the Amish life isn't for him. There's so much of the world to see and experience, and the excitement of his successful law practice can't be matched by the slow pace of life found back home in the country.

But when things go wrong and his associates at the firm distance themselves from him to try to save their careers, Mark finds himself back at his grandfather's farm. Could life in this simple world be worth living after all? Especially when the teenager he remembers has grown into a woman who could be his future. Suddenly these two people whose lives seem so far apart may get a chance to really see each other for the first time.

Barbara Cameron has a heart for writing about the spiritual values and simple joys of the Amish. She is the best-selling author of more than 40 fiction and nonfiction books and three nationally televised movies, and the winner of the first Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. Her books have been nominated for Carol Awards and the Inspirational Reader's Choice Award from RWA's Faith, Hope, and Love chapter. Barbara resides in
Jacksonville, Florida.

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