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Honor Redeemed - My Review

Christine Johnson’s book Honor Redeemed is set on Nantucket Island and the town of Key West during the middle of the 1800’s.  The story follows Prosperity Jones as she travels from Nantucket to Key West in search of her betrothed.  Her mother has just died, and her father has passed away sometime before that, so she hopes to start a new life with David.  He is her last hope in regards to her happiness and wellbeing, and since he is a soldier, she must move to where he is.  Against the better judgment of friends around her, Prosperity makes the trip alone to a place she knows nothing about.  Her only comfort is that David will be waiting for her on the other side. 

David’s heart is broken.  He cannot believe what he has done—not only to himself but also to the woman he loves.  Images of Prosperity flash through his mind as he writes a letter to her.  What can he say?  He does not anticipate that she will ever forgive him; therefore, dread and despair fill his heart.  But he must do what is right despite the consequences.  He never dreamed his life would discover such turmoil.  How could he have been so blind?  How could he have made so many mistakes?  David was so grateful to know that Prosperity lived far enough away, so that in time she would forget him. 

As Property enters this new town that is to now become her home, she feels optimistic about the future.  She cannot wait to see David—it has been so long since she felt his arms around her.  Yet Prosperity could never have foreseen the upcoming devastation that would take place in her life.  New friends and a kind doctor will fill her days and thoughts, since David’s presence will not be by her side.  After Prosperity leaves one dark chapter in her life, she finds herself entering another one.  Will life ever be good to her?  When will this storm pass?  Will it ever pass?  Slowly, Prosperity starts to understand that her life will not be the happily every after she hoped for regarding herself and David. 

This novel is the second book in the Keys of Promise series.  Johnson tells this story from the very heartbeat of Prosperity, because at the close of each chapter, the reader ultimately feels every joy and sorrow that comes Prosperity’s way.  As Prosperity learns to live in this new land, it is clear readers could easily identify with her struggles, because most have felt and endured the various trials she goes through.  As a bystander, one believes life will eventually fulfill her dreams—even if the outcome is unlike what one initially supposed.  Yet there are still many unknowns to consider, and it is not clear if Prosperity will receive the desires of her heart or if David’s world will ever be repaired. 

There are definite twists to the plot of this story followed by many moments of surprise and questions.  But there are also times when the story seems to repeat itself, because the reader is consistently reminded of events that are already known and understood.  Yet each event that takes place delivers an important connection to the main purpose of the text.  Overall, this is a delightful read, and if you enjoy historical literature—you will love this book. 

Make sure to read the “Note to the Reader” at the end of the novel, because Johnson explains how the town and the soldier’s fort, where David lived, actually existed.  In fact, Johnson’s research inspires her to include a character that is based off an actual soldier who helped build the fort so many years ago.  

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, for my copy.

About The Book 

*Two years ago, Prosperity Jones waved farewell to her beloved David as the army sent him to faraway Key West. Now with her parents gone, she has but one prospect for the future: make the dangerous journey from Nantucket to Key West to reunite with David and secure a happier life. Arriving penniless in the South, Prosperity is dismayed to find David married to someone else. Scrambling to survive and nursing a broken heart, she gains the friendship--and the affection--of a kind doctor. Could he be the answer to her loneliness? Or will her life be upended by circumstance yet again? 

With a deft hand, Christine Johnson fills the reader's senses with the sights, sounds, and smells of Key West in this heartwarming story of honor lost, honor redeemed, and a love forged in adversity.

 *Synopsis is from the back cover of the novel.

About The Author 

A small-town Michigan girl, Christine Johnson has lived in every corner of the state's Lower Peninsula. After trying her hand at music and art, she returned to her first love--story. She holds degrees in English and library studies and works part-time as a librarian. She feels blessed to write for Love Inspired and Revell.

When not at the computer keyboard, she loves to hike, kayak, and explore God's majestic creation. She and her husband split their time between northern Michigan and the Florida Keys. Christine enjoys hearing from readers through her web site at:

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