Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Blueberry Cupcake Mystery - My Review

Naomi Miller’s book caught my eye, because I saw the word mystery.  Mysteries are my favorite genre, and I was intrigued by the title of this interesting tale.  I was not disappointed either. 

Miller’s book entitled Blueberry Cupcake Mystery was a delightful read.  It does not fall into the typical category of mystery, such as having a murderer and murder victim, which is something a reader would encounter in an Agatha Christie novel.  However, the main character, Katie Chupp, does have to solve her own mystery that plagues her Sweet Shop.  Following her path of wits and understanding, she will unveil the culprit behind the madness, and in doing so, she will be able to help individuals who live within the realm of her small community. 

If you are looking for an uplifting story, I recommend checking out Miller’s books.  In the coming weeks, I will be reviewing all the stories within this series, so please check back to see what happens next in Katie’s life.  As always, happy reading!  

Here is a link to where you can purchase this story on Amazon:  Blueberry Cupcake Mystery by Naomi Miller

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to Naomi Miller for my copy. 

About The Author  

Naomi Miller mixes up a batch of intrigue, sprinkled with Amish, Mennonite, & English characters, adding a pinch of mystery - and a dash of romance!

Naomi’s day is spent focusing on her writing, editing, and blogging about her experiences with writing. When she's not working diligently to finish the next book in her Sweet Shop Mystery series. Naomi tries to make time for attending workshops and writers conferences. Naomi is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) organization.

Naomi also enjoys traveling with her family, singing inspirational/gospel music, taking a daily walk, and witnessing to others of the amazing grace of Jesus Christ.

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