Friday, August 12, 2016

CBN Europe Devotional

Check out my new devotional, Life is a Gift, that was published today on CBN Europe's website.  
Here is the article:

This month has been a reflective one for me–do you ever have those months?  When you pause and take a moment to stop and listen to the world around you, and consider your life and what the Lord may have brought you through, you should focus on being still while remembering each trial and joy.  That is where my thoughts lie this month.

Throughout my young life, there have been numerous occasions when I have asked for help.  Getting help from those around me was imperative, but the help I needed most could only come from the One who would faithfully assist me when no one else could.  I’m sure you have already guessed that I am talking about the Lord.  

As the days go by I recall so many events that took place long ago, and I am left in awe and wonder at the greatness of our God.  Relying on Him is the only way I have been able to get through any of it.  He is my strength–daily and forever.  When I think back over my life, and consider what it could have been–I am so happy to know that the Lord was and is in control.  He knew the steps before I even walked them.  All things do happen in His perfect timing and are usually the moments that do not make sense to us.  Trust is key in these times.

These last few years have been filled with so many special moments and memories for me–going to college, studying abroad in Oxford, England, traveling to Virginia for graduate school, bowling with friends, celebrating birthdays, being in my best friend’s wedding, encouraging others while being encouraged, visiting and taking part in the lives of my friends and family–so many moments that are too easily taken for granted.  Never take these precious snapshots in life for granted my friend.

Life is a gift.  Every day is a gift.  Embrace it!  Love it!  Hold on to each and every moment while remembering where you came from and what you have been through.  Live the life that God has called you to live–use the talents you have been given.  Don’t waste moments by worrying about the past and wishing you had done things differently–be different now!

My life has changed so much in recent years that there is not enough space here for me to elaborate upon it.  I want you to know that we serve an awesome God, and that He is bigger than anything we may ever face.  I never thought I would get through many of the trials I have endured, but God knew.  And that is all the comfort I will ever need.  God bless each and every one of you this month!

by: Heather Snyder, M.A. 

Thank you so much for your support!  Happy reading!  

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