Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blog Update

Just wanted to give a quick update regarding the YouTube videos I will be posting this month.  We finished the Jane Austen series by Books and Things, which was absolutely lovely!  So I wanted to start posting another one of her series--Charles Dickens--who is another favorite author of mine.

As you know, the Victorian era of literature is my heartbeat, so I am so excited to watch Katie explain and articulate the different books Dickens penned.  When I was in England several years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Charles Dickens' home in London.  It was so incredible to walk the halls of his home all the while knowing that he wrote certain novels there.  How thrilling for this English major! 

I will be posting again this Saturday, so please be on the look out for that piece as well.  And I also have several book reviews coming up this month that I will be adding to my blog.  I hope that you have found my past book reviews helpful.  Please let me know if there are any particular books you would like me to review in the future.  Have a lovely day and as always happy reading!  

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  1. How exciting! Did they allow you to take photos in Dickens' home?

    I love your book reviews! Wish I had Instagram. :) I don't have a smart phone...yet. Maybe someday. :)

  2. They did! Which was so exciting, because there were so many museums I visited that would not allow photography or video. Thankfully, those places usually had beautiful guide books for sale with all of the pictures I would have taken had I could. :)

    So happy you love the book reviews! I should have at least two more up over the course of May and June. :)