Saturday, January 26, 2019

New Adventure!

Dear readers,

I have a lovely announcement that I am so excited to share with you.  Starting this month, I will be writing for The Engrafted Word!  In fact, I will be cowriting with my friend Savanna Kaiser.  This is such an incredible endeavor, and one that I am so grateful to pursue.  The Lord truly orchestrated this idea, and Savanna and I are both looking forward to how God will use our writing and this blog this year.  Please check out my first piece that was posted this week!

Thank you dear readers for all of your support these last four years.  I will still continue to write for my blog, but now there will be more to read over on The Engrafted Word.  Also, look for an upcoming giveaway in February as we celebrate the four year anniversary of Encouraging Words from the Tea Queen!  Happy reading friends!  

Heather Snyder 
Tea Queen :)  


  1. Congratulations! on writing for The Engrafted Word. :-)

  2. SO excited to have you join me over there, Heather. So grateful for your friendship!!

    1. Thank you Savanna--me too! I am so excited for this new adventure, and so grateful to the Lord for your friendship!