Monday, April 4, 2016

Jane Austen Week: Persuasion


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  2. Delightful video!! Thanks for posting! I love her enthusiasm for the book. It's my 3rd favorite just behind P&P and S&S. I strongly agree with her about Amanda Root in '95...she really seems to bloom right on screen. I enjoyed her comments about the growth of Anne Elliot and Capt W's relationship after they see each other again. Alas, I can never forgive him for the "looks" comment and rate him in the lower half of the heroes. Adm Croft, on the other hand, is my 2nd favorite male in all of Austen(Mr Knightley #1...TMI warning: I came to Austen late and while I'm mostly concerned with the heroines...Mr K is so great). He's so funny and the fact that he gives up the reins.....Cheers!

    1. You are most welcome! Mr. Knightly is wonderful, but alas, my favorite will always be Mr. Darcy. :) Happy reading!