Friday, March 18, 2016

Book Review in the Works

I had the pleasure of meeting Larissa Reinhart last year at one of her book signings.  She writes one of my favorite genres--mystery novels.  Some of her books include:  Portrait of a Dead Guy, Still Life in Brunswick Stew, Hijack in Abstract, Death in Perspective, and The Body in the Landscape.  All of these books are a part of The Cherry Tucker Mystery Series.

Recently, Mrs. Reinhart was included in a book entitled Eight Mystery Writers You Should Be Reading Now.  Various authors are included in this compilation of mystery stories, which makes it the perfect text to familiarize yourself with some new authorsIt is available on Kindle and in book format from Amazon.  I was excited to receive a copy of this text, and I look forward to reviewing it for you. 

Until then, let me leave you with a quote from one of Mrs. Reinhart's colorful characters:  

                                "Sometimes it takes a person a few minutes to adjust
                                                          to my creative ingenuity."--Cherry Tucker

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