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The Duke's Marriage Mission - My Review

Leah Shaw is a spunky governess who has entered the doors of Renforth Hall.  Unknown to the Duke, she has come to care for his sick child, Christopher Latimer, Lord Renforth—Master Kit to Miss Shaw.  Almost immediately, Leah and Master Kit become friends and soon thereafter she longs to widen his world.  At present, all he has ever known are the four walls of his nursery.  Of course, Leah Shaw is in for a big surprise when she meets Hayden Latimer, Duke of Northam.

Upon first acquaintance, the Duke does not know who Leah Shaw is or why she is here talking to his son.  He did not send word for a governess to come and take of Kit.  He fears that Kit could get seriously hurt, and Kit does not need to be disillusioned by this young woman.  His son must understand that his life is and always will be very different than other children his age.

Of course, Leah does not agree with these statements.  She wants to build a bridge for Kit, so that he can explore the world and Renforth Hall.  She also hopes to bring the Duke and his son closer together.  The tension that resides in Renforth Hall has held the Duke for too long.

Can Leah succeed in helping Kit while also helping his father?  Will the Duke relent and allow the young governess to teach his son?

Deborah Hale’s novel, The Duke’s Marriage Mission, proves to be an excellent read—especially for those who love period pieces.

This text is set in Somerset, England during the Regency era.

About The Book 

*What governess would refuse a duke? Exuberant, opinionated, irrepressible Leah Shaw, that's who. Since her arrival at Renforth Hall, the Duke of Northam's young son has thrived. Leah, intent on traveling abroad, insists she will stay for one year only. Marriage would change everything—if only Hayden Latimer, the duke, knew how to woo a woman who wants nothing to do with matrimony.

All the duke's wealth could not buy Leah the one thing she cherishes most: her independence. But if an overprotective father can give his son room to grow, can she learn to put down roots? For it's every woman's prerogative to change her mind…when her heart is guiding her toward love.

 *Synopsis is from the back cover of the novel.

About The Author

Deborah Hale spent a decade tracing her Canadian family to their origins in Georgian-era Britain. In the process, she learned a great deal about that period and uncovered enough fascinating true stories to fuel her romance plots for years to come. At the urging of a friend, Deborah completed her first historical romance novel and went on to publish over fifteen more. Deborah lives in Nova Scotia, a province steeped in history and romance! Visit her website at:

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