Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Anniversary of Pride and Prejudice

This week, January 28, 2016, marked two hundred and three years since the publication of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice.  This is one of my favorite books, because Austen portrays such witty and fabulous characters who are true to life.  I am sure everyone has been introduced to an awkward person like Mr. Collins or has run into the fiery nature of a Lady Catherine de Bourg.  It is always nice to meet a Mr. Bingley, yet it would be much nicer to meet a Mr. Darcy--many would agree with that statement.  :)  

In light of this lovely anniversary, here is a clip from one of the best adaptations of Pride and Prejudice.  I love the music from this film!  This scene is where we begin to meet and know Austen's written characters--characters we will come to love and treasure--all portrayed in a novel that we will never grow tired of reading.   


  1. *swoon* I love that version of P&P and the music, costumes, the comedy, characters, settings, dialogue... Everything about it. :) Goodness, Darcy looks positively ill when we're first introduced to him. Talk about social anxiety. But to think... underneath all that snobbery is a kind, responsible, sacrificial, passionate soul. Be still my heart! :)

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    1. I loved the books and the movie. And I think Mr. Darcy would be just the right person for you to meet, Heather! Have you been able to see Downton Abbey on Sunday's? I have been so infatuated with all of the episodes. This year marks the final episodes and I will be sorry to see the finalization. I am so proud of you for following your vision of writing. I'm enjoying reading your comments! Love you and miss you! Grandmama