Friday, August 14, 2015

Lovely Stories

Today I wanted to talk about books.  Mostly, I wanted to see what books you were reading these days.  What genres do you prefer?  Do you have any favorite authors?  If so, please list them in the comments below.  I always love adding new books to my "to read list."  :) 

Right now, I have been reading some short stories by various authors, which is interesting for me, because I don't typically like short stories.  I confess--I would rather read the thick, heavy novel instead. 

Do you every find that short stories just don't seem to satisfy the literary mind?  It is not that the story isn't good.  It usually is.  It is just that I want more of the story!  :)  I want more than the ending can give me.  There never seems to be a satisfactory conclusion to a character or the events in his or her life.  Therefore, I want the short story to turn into a novel or at least a novella. 

As a reader, you want to see every possible place or choice a character can be in.  And at times, you want to rewrite a choice that the character may have made. 

Regarding this idea, Downton Abbey comes to mind.  (I have been thinking about this show, because they are filming their last season right now--super sad for this viewer).  For any of you avid viewers out there, you know that there were a couple of characters that left the show early on.  Characters that you didn't want to see go, and ones that if you could, you would have rewritten them back into the show somehow.  To me, this is the making of a good story.  When you, as the reader, become so connected to the characters, that the characters end up becoming real to you somehow.  So real, that you feel their pain and joy, which is exactly how I have felt watching this show.  Even though there will be six lovely seasons of Downton Abbey to watch, it will never be enough.  I will always wonder what Lady Mary's life will be like in the changing decades of Downton, or if Anna and Mr. Bates will ever lead a normal life. 

Are they any stories like that for you?  Stories that you wish would just continue or at least have a more satisfactory ending?  Be sure to let me know in the comments.  Happy reading!  


  1. I've been reading novellas in multi-author novella collections, and my most-read authors right now are Pam Hillman and Karen Witemeyer.

    Next on my TBR list is For Such a Time by Kate Breslin and then several Love Inspired books from author friends.

    Oh, man, one book series where I really worried about the characters and felt like I became part of their family is Joanne Bischof's Cadence of Grace series. To be honest, I didn't want to read the series at first--looked too full of heartbreak, but it had similarities to a story I was writing, so I needed to see if I should list it in the "Similar Titles" list on my proposal--I did, btw. I'm SO glad I read it!!! Such a good series. I recommend it a lot now.

    I confess I haven't watched any Downton Abbey, though I've heard a lot of people talk about it. I love the era, though. It certainly has sparked many books in the CBA.

    How is your writing coming? I hope to be able to read some published books with your name on them someday soon!!!

  2. Oh goodness, you have to watch Downton Abbey! Seasons one and two are my favorite. :)