Saturday, June 13, 2015

Amazing Acts of Kindness

So lately, I have been feeling super nostalgic.  Do any of you every feel that way?  At times, you find yourself pondering memories from your childhood, or thinking about friends you once knew.  And you wonder what they are up to, and if life turned out the they wanted it to.  I have known so many people through the years--too many to keep up with (even though I really wish I could)--and I often think about random people from time to time.  These are the moments I take the time to pray for these individuals, because why else would I be thinking about them?  God must be bringing them to my mind for some reason.

And then I also consider--I wonder if other people are randomly thinking about me?  I know the answer to this is yes, because I have had people tell me so.  How amazing it is to leave that kind of mark on someone's life--that years down the road someone is thinking of and remembering you.  How imperative it is that we strive to leave that kind of impression on others.

All of this said, there are times that I do get discouraged or frustrated in my life, and I just do not feel like leaving that healthy impression.  Yet, the kindness of others reminds me to reevaluate this type of thinking.

A friend of mine from college moved states away after graduation, and so we don't see each other at present, nor do we get to talk much.  However, I had a few things I wanted to send her, and in turn she sent me a few items.  I was not expecting anything from her, and that is not why I sent her something.  But the gifts she sent me were priceless, because they reminded me of compassion.  When you are discouraged--and then someone sends you a ray of sunshine--it just completely turns your world around.  Immediately, I felt energized and ready to pass this gift of compassion on to someone else.

I was reminded of how important it is to continue to show love and grace to others--no matter how I may be feeling on a particular day--because others have given those precious gifts to me.

Unfortunately, sometimes these thoughtful events can be quite rare in a person's life, but they are so lovely and inspiring when they do happen!

So go and show compassion to someone today.  The long term benefits are amazing!



  1. What a beautiful post! That picture made me smile. :) Precious.