Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tea Time!

I was talking with a friend today about one of my favorite things--tea!  :)  She was telling me about the Tazo tea she was enjoying for the day (Darjeeling), and I was telling her about some of my favorite teas and sweets to go along with my cup of tea.  My favorite is probably Earl Grey, but most hot tea flavors are good.  :)  Of course, teas are broken down into three main categories--black teas, green teas, and herbal teas.  So you can pick which group you prefer, and then select a favorite tea from the bunch.  Earl Grey is a black tea, yet Darjeeling belongs to several of the tea categories. 

What types of tea do you enjoy?  What sweet treats do you like to add to your cup of tea? 

Image result for pic of cup of tea


  1. Aw! Love that little teapot cookie! <3

    I enjoyed our tea-talk!

    I looked online and found some tea rooms in a couple towns about 30 mins from me, so I'm definitely going to have to call a girl's day and take my mom and sister!

    Do you have a favorite tea cup?

    Would love to know more about your recommendations or favorite combinations of scones/tea biscuits for each kind of tea.

    I LOVE green tea, like the bottled Lipton kind. (Sweet iced tea is a weakness of mine.) Will have to try it hot!

  2. Please let me know how you enjoy high tea, but I know you will love it! :)