Saturday, April 18, 2015

Louisa May Alcott

I was looking over some quotes by Louisa May Alcott the other day--the wonderful author who wrote Little Women, Little Men, Jo's Boys, and many other great works.  I think it is important to listen and consider yesterday's classic writers, because they gave so much to the world of literature.  Where would I be had I not read Little Women, Black Beauty, or the tales of Huckleberry Finn when I was child?  Truly, my imagination would not have been stretched, and my love of books would not be where it is today.

I love some of her very stark quotes, such as:  "I like good strong words that mean something..."  Those that have critiqued and edited my work have demonstrated this quote, because they will alter certain words within my writing.  I confess that this has always bothered me, because the word they would change it to would be the synonym of the word I had already written.  However, their word was usually better, because it was stronger.  And it powerfully clarified what I was trying to say.  So as Alcott already stated, stronger words are better.

And one of her best quotes that I read was:  "I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now."  :)  


  1. Haha! I'm still laughing over that last quote!

    Shame on me, I still haven't read any L M A books, though I loved the Little Women movies. :) I have two copies of the book, though. So much to read, so little time!

    1. Oh goodness girl! You have to read Little Women! It is one of the best novels I have ever read. The 1994 movie adaptation is lovely though. :)